Idea Swapping – Re-invent to Success!


Growing companies need to invent themselves to stay ahead of the competition and exceed client’s expectations.  Management also needs an open ear to employees’ ideas to make a difference in client's satisfaction.

A great way to kick off the year is “idea swapping” internally and with clients and prospects.

Idea Swapping offers a voice to those who may not be a part of decision making.  This article shares how you gather ideas easily and capitalize on improvements you never thought of in the past. 

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Planning Tools - Marketing Calendar

The most important thing when planning is making it repeatable and measurable.  If you can’t do both, question yourself.  It takes discipline and by documenting a plan, even if it’s quarterly, you are ahead of the competition and just lowered your stress level.  After all – you don’t plan a sport without a plan, do you? 

I’m a planner and I’d like to share a tool that I’ve used for many years in planning.  It’s a simple spreadsheet with different tabs.   

  1. Sample plan so you get an idea of how to lay out activities.  I typically do this by media type.  I have one calendar of events, so you can concentrate on what needs to be done this month and the next.  It’s also common for me to look at it for the year – but add the details by quarter.   
  2. To Do List – this is a great tool that alleviates stress on what you need to do in tactics.  You can put as much detail as you feel, then sort it by the week and only worry about that week.  You can also sort it by who is responsible.  I keep all these lists on the plan, as you are finish, then show done.  Because at the end of the day, you usually do the same tactics for the activities.  This way it’s built, and you can update the dates, etc. 
  3.  Click here to get the YouTube recording which outlines how you use it. 

Sample Marketing Plan